Microscopes for Education

This collection highlights some of our top-selling and most recommended microscopes for education. The most common type of microscope used in middle schools and high schools are compound microscopes. These provide high magnification levels appropriate for viewing cellular structures in specimens such as cross-sections of plant stems and animal tissues. We also offer stereo microscopes which are used for dissection and other hand-on applications such as soldering.

M82E and M83E models are great entry-level options which provide all of the essential functionality needed for examining common biological specimens. The small footprint makes these models ideal for crowded workspaces, and easy to store.

M827 and M837 models provide greater expandability with optional accessories for darkfield, phase-contrast, and fluorescence. These models are available with incandescent or LED illumination.

M8211 and M8311 models offer the same functionality and expandability and the M827/M837 models, but with some refinements such as a Siedentopf head design which makes adjustments for multiple users easier.

These models are available with camera packages as well as digital-integrated version which have cameras built in.

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44 items

44 items


44 items