Specialized Microscopes/Soil Research Microscopes

Studying the microscopic makeup of soil can provide insights into its health. A good balance of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes is important to the soil’s ability to hold water and process nutrients. Many types of bacteria and fungi provide important functions including the breakdown of matter, forming microaggregates, and regulating nitrogen. Other microorganisms including pathogenic bacteria and root-eating nematodes can destroy crops.

Commonly used magnifications:

  • 4X objective lens: scanning samples to locate areas of interest
  • 10X and 20X objective lenses: amoeba, ciliates, nematodes
  • 40X objective lens: bacteria, fungi, flagellates

OMAX soil microscopes provide key features needed for efficient analysis including 4X, 10X, 20X, and 40X objective lenses, an Abbe light condenser, bright illumination, and precision mechanical controls.

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12 items